Having a fair working knowledge of the science of creating accurate listening environments in high end recording studios....I knew that crafting a nice sounding home theater in the space available in my house was going to be quite a challenge. Our living area has a very high ceiling, tile floors, numerous windows and doors, irregularly shaped walls and odd room dimensions. After discussing a number of different floor layouts, speaker installations and various technology options with Mark we devised a strategy that would deliver the highest possible quality within the budget that I had established.
Once our plan was set in motion, Mark and a couple of very capable assistants carefully installed the system and wired the house accordingly. The results exceeded all of our wildest expectations. The audio reproduction is superb and the video viewing is outstanding.
I went to Mark because I knew our home theater project was going to be much more challenging than a normal residential installation. I hope that relaying my experience here will be of value to those of you who are considering a quality audio/video system: Whether you have a modest system in mind or a more complex, high-end system, you can rest assured that Mark and the other people at Signal Audio Visual will be up to the task. I am extremely fortunate to have found them!
— Ken Herbst

Home Theater & Media Rooms

If you are planning to build a Theater Room or just need some speakers installed here in the Austin, San Antonio Texas area you have to do some research on a good AV Installation Company.

Here at Signal Audio Visual we will sit down with you and discuss your Home Theater project from start to finish. You are not just a number in a “Big Box Store” where the sales guy is trying to strong arm you into buying the flavor of the day “which he really knows nothing about” just to meet the store quota. At Signal Audio Visual we research all of our products we sell. Not just that we test them in the field and have many satisfied customers. We will take care of you just like family. Service and Quality is our most important traits and many “Angie’s List” members agree we are the best AV Company in the South Texas area. Look us up and see for yourself we're not kidding. Signal Audio Visual will help you with design ideas from speaker placement, Audio Equipment and Video options. We sell the equipment as well TV’s, Projectors, Screens, AV Furniture, TV Mounts, all types of cabling and High End AV Equipment as well. We offer soundproofing options and will work with your Builder to make your room as quiet as possible. We use the best cabling and will wire all your equipment in a concealed closet in a rack or entertainment center.

If you already have your own equipment Signal Audio Visual will work with you in making your equipment perform the way manufacture intended to sound and look. We have the most experience in the industry and the very best at what we do. So before you plan on jumping into your Home Theater project please give us a call or “Request a Quote” Signal Audio Visual guarantees you will not be disappointed.